Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux

Key Characteristics

The following breakdown will help to compare the many wedge pillow for acid reflux on the market and find the best fit for your lifestyle and physical needs. All of these components work in tandem, but assessing individual features may create a more detailed framework for comparison and help you discover what is most important to you in a wedge pillow or bed wedge.


The thickness of the wedge pillow for acid reflux can drastically affect its efficacy, as a very thin pillow may not provide sufficient height or support for an increased incline, and it may compress easily and quickly (perhaps even irreparably). By contrast, a very thick pillow may be quite jarring to lie on. Ideally, the pillow will offer support while seamlessly transitioning into the plane of your mattress; if the pillow is too thick, it may create an uncomfortable ledge between where the back meets the end of the pillow and where it meets the bed, leaving a portion of the spine unsupported.


The slope of the wedge pillow for acid reflux is an essential consideration. Too drastic of a slope may make it difficult to fall asleep, and a pillow that prevents sleep is certainly counterproductive. Steeply sloped pillows can also cause sliding throughout the night. By the same token, just as with thickness, too low of a slope may not create enough elevation of the upper body for it to differ from sleeping on a regular pillow. The length of the slope is also important to consider, as that will determine how much of the upper body it elevates.


Due to the wedge pillow’s atypical size and shape, it likely cannot be covered with a normal pillowcase. Therefore, the texture of the material is noteworthy. It may affect sleep quality, as an abrasive or heat-trapping material may impede slumber. Some wedge pillow for acid reflux, however, do come with a cover, the material of which is also worth considering.


The density of the wedge pillow for acid reflux is necessary to assess because it affects the level of support and comfort experienced when using the pillow. A less dense or flimsy pillow will not prop you up as it should, nor will it maintain proper spinal alignment. However, too firm of a pillow may be uncomfortable and make sleeping difficult. The pillow’s density will also affect how quickly it will compress and flatten (if at all).


The width or general size of the wedge pillow for acid reflux is important, as it may or may not work with your bed, depending on if you sleep in a twin bed versus a full-, queen-, king-, or California king-sized bed. Width is especially relevant if you share a bed with a partner or spouse, as you will want to consult them and consider whether or not they, too, could benefit from upper body elevation.


If you travel frequently, weight – along with size – is a significant consideration, particularly if you travel by train or airplane (as opposed to packing your own car), as it may affect how much else you can pack and can drive up costs to check bags. If you plan on leaving the wedge pillow for acid reflux on your bed, this may not be as much of a make-or-break factor for you.


Certainly, not least of all considerations is the price. Be sure to consider all features, pros, and cons to determine if a wedge pillow for acid reflux is worth your hard-earned money. Try not to stress, though: many pillows boast very helpful features for less than $100, although the pricier options may be more durable or comfortable. Consider the product’s warranty, as well, as it may be a safety net for a mistakenly less-than-satisfactory purchase.


As wedge pillow for acid reflux are all different sizes, there is no standard, universal pillow case for wedge pillows. Some come with their own covers, and you will want to be sure that the cover is hypoallergenic to avoid any unpleasant reactions or discomfort, especially if you are prone to such reactions. Other manufacturers sell individual wedge pillow cases, but they will only fit that manufacturer’s model (or something very similar). Examples of wedge pillow cases follow the product comparisons of the pillows themselves.

In addition to the above considerations, you will also want to take several other aspects into account, such as product warranty and how long it will take you to adjust to the incline. It is also important to note that some products are wedge pillows and some are full bed wedges, meant to go underneath your mattress. A full bed wedge will likely produce a more gradual incline and provide equal support to your whole body; a wedge pillow is meant to elevate your head and part of your torso, although some do end near the hips depending on the product dimensions and your proportions. Knowing your own measurements – as well as the measurements of the pillow – will be important, as you can’t really try the pillow out before purchasing when buying online. Paying special attention to the measurements of both the pillow and your own body will help you better visualize how it will affect your position, support, and the quality of your sleep.