10 Ways a Bed Wedge Pillow Helps

Bed Wedge Pillow

Most people have probably read or heard about wedge pillows as a natural method for treating acid reflux symptoms. However, a wedge pillow can offer many benefits beyond reflux relief, mostly thanks to its incline. Here are ten ways that wedge pillows can improve your quality of life (without costing you too much):


  1. Relish the relief

As already mentioned, wedge pillows are often used to treat chronic acid reflux. A wedge pillow elevates the torso and allows sufferers a much-needed respite during slumber. The slope of the wedge pillow prevents stomach acid from making its way back up the esophagus (as it might if just lying down horizontally), which means less acid reflux and more restful sleep.


  1. Be minus sinus problems

The incline of a wedge pillow can also help drain the nasal passages. This is ideal for someone suffering from a sinus infection, allergies, or just the common cold – any ailment where post-nasal drip becomes a worst nightmare come true. A wedge pillow can help naturally drain the sinuses – without the need for more pills, shots, or harmful nasal sprays – and move the ailment along to promote a quicker recovery period.


  1. Hocus pocus, no more mucus!

Just as a wedge pillow can help drain the sinuses, it can also keep phlegm in the back of the throat moving, keeping the sleeper safe from choking hazards. This can make the transition into sleep easier for someone with a relentless cough – and easier for their roommate, too!


  1. Under (eye) pressure

Wedge pillows have also been proven to provide relief to people suffering from increased ocular pressure or glaucoma. Many patients who experience uncomfortable amounts of pressure in their eyes note that it is often at its worst when lying down; the tilt of a wedge pillow holds the upper body more upright, but still comfortable enough to sleep, and helps prevent more intense rushes of blood to the eyes. This means you can close your eyes gently instead of squeezing them shut in pain.


  1. Keep it moving

Depending on how you sleep, you might experience an arm falling asleep or less circulation in a hand. Sleeping at a slight incline can help the blood move more freely and keep your circulation regular. Some wedge pillows even have an arm tunnel underneath the pillow so that the weight of the head doesn’t cut off circulation for those who like to sleep on their sides. This specific type of wedge pillow can also relieve shoulder tension!


  1. Motherhood miracles

Wedge pillows with a steeper incline can make breastfeeding for new mothers easy and convenient while remaining in the comfort of their beds. The wedge pillow supports the upper spine and keeps the mother from suffering back pain due to hunching forward during breastfeeding, as she might when sitting in a chair.


  1. Don’t be a pain

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, a wedge pillow might be the answer. Using a longer or bed-length wedge pillow can provide additional support to the spine, which may be ideal for back-sleepers. The buttocks can place the lower back at an uncomfortable angle and create lumbar pain. A long wedge pillow can lift the upper spine and rib cage to be more in line with the lower back, resulting in less pressure on a certain part of the spine and more of the “sleeping on a cloud” feeling.


  1. Stop stressing

Side-sleepers can tend to scrunch themselves up while sleeping, compacting the neck and inciting uncomfortable (and often lingering) muscular stress. This may eventually result in shifts in neck discs or even a pinched nerve. Shorter wedge pillows – particularly ergonomically designed pillows or those with the special arm tunnel underneath – can help elongate the neck and relieve tension, preventing any nasty and serious consequences down the road.


  1. Snore no more

Wedge pillows have been proven to help with chronic snoring as a result of sleep apnea, illness, or congestion. While sleep apnea should still be carefully monitored, investing in a comfortable wedge pillow can provide just the right incline to combat loud and distracting snores. And, couples with only one snoring culprit can purchase a wedge pillow for just one side of the bed, meaning less disruption for the other partner over all!


  1. Goodnight stories

If you have trouble falling asleep on your wedge pillow the first night, try reading a book before bed to help wind down (or exhaust!) your brain. A wedge pillow can hold you upright enough to comfortably read and support the neck– which means you don’t have to hold the book directly over your face and block your light. It also means that you can get into the habit of making your way through that shelf of half-read books you’ve been meaning to get to!


A good wedge pillow can be a worthwhile investment: proper sleep is essential to functioning at your highest possible level, so be sure to find one that you can see yourself with for a long time! From snoring to sinus pressure to stress and tension, imagine your bed as a more peaceful and restful place, without any of the issues keeping you awake at night. A wedge pillow can help combat just about anything that’s standing between you and the sleep you’ve always dreamed of.